Training – Coaching – Skill Assessment

Professional training

  • Design of HV and LV electrical installations
  • Operations and maintenance of HV and LV electrical installations
  • Reliability of electrical distribution network: choice and sizing of protections
  • Notions on harmonics pollution, compensation of reactive energy
  • Implementation of generator sets, inverters and variable speed drives

Possibility to define programs and durations adapted to your specific needs

Coaching & Skill assessment

  • Monitoring and transfer of skills for staff responsible for the design or maintenance of facilities
  • Assessment of the technical skill of maintenance staff to ensure their adaptation to the occupied position, their development and the possible need for training
  • Assistance in the development of a staff training plan


Know LV and HV networks architectureand components intended for securing networks.


Know how to choose components of an electrical network to comply with evaluated needs.


Know the protections of electrical installations and criteria for the settings’ choices.


Understand the interest of reactive energy compensation, choose a device adapted to the needs.


Understand harmonics phenomenas and know their remedies.


Carry out operations or work safely on electrical installations or in the vicinity.