Audit of electrical installation at Vostochny Cosmodrome

Environment & Context:

  • At Vostochny cosmodrome (Russia).
  • Objective : Assessment of the safety and reliability of the electrical installations of the premises used for the launch program of the “Oneweb” satellites on the basis of the Vostochny cosmodrome.

Technical description:

It is about providing electrical supply for:

Essential installations by UPS (inverters):

  • Programming and testing equipment for the 16 satellites when they are integrated into the “dispenser” before installation in the fairing of the Soyuz launcher,
  • Equipment on the launch pad intended for satellite control and monitoring once presented on the launcher before launch.

Non essential installations:

  • Rooms intended for the preparation and organization of the integration of the satellites on the launcher,
  • The storage room for safety equipment.



The main challenge of the mission was to reconcile the requirements of the satellite integrator, French, Russian and international standards.

Thus, the test equipment sockets were incompatible with fixed installations.


We have proposed an adaptation solution which was carried out with locally available material and which ensures safety and ease for use.

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