Upgrade of a Protection system with its associated Automation

Phase 1: Presentation of the environment

  • Thermal power plant 2 x 32 MVA
  • Internal voltage levels:
    • Production: 11 kV
    • Evacuation: 63 kV
    • Auxiliaries: 5,5 kV
  • Objective of the upgrade: Replacement of protection and network monitoring panels currently using electromechanical type relays.

Phase 2: Analysis of existing installation

Reading, interpretation and analysis of the control panel diagram carried out with electromechanical relays in order to:

  • List and describe all the functions of the panel (logical equations)
  • Know the strengths and weaknesses of the current installation
  • Check or update the action matrix for HV network protections

Phase 3: Technical advices

Technical advice in order to facilitate the choice of the new structure of the system:

  • Adaptation of the protection matrix and settings to ensure selectivity and compliance with the requirements and constraints of the wastewater network operator
  • Inventory of inputs and outputs to be processed by the new system
  • Proposals aimed at improving plant availability
  • System architecture proposal

Phase 4: Validation of structure before implementation

In agreement with the various players, the structure chosen is made up of programmable protection relays associated with a unit controller providing automation and communication functions.
We have verified that the chosen device will meet the needs and leave the possibility of an evolution.

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