Refurbishment of HV switchyard

Support of ExpRAssess for the refurbishment of a HV switchyard.


  • HV switchyard 20 kV.
  • A temporary installation has been put in place to ensure electrical distribution for the duration of the works.
  • Objective of the refurbishment: Replace power and protections équipement.

Data analysis:

  • Reading and analysis of electrical diagram.
  • Protections settings analysis.

Technical support:

  • Advices for the protections settings.
  • Advices for the specific equipment connection.
  • Drafting of notes relating to the precautions of zero-sequence toroid installations.
  • Opinion on the switchyard’s LV auxiliary installations.

Site supervision:

During installation:

Anticipation of potential difficulties linked with installations.

Refurbishment of HV switchyard – Installation in progress

Before commissioning:

Support for protections settings after installation.

HV switchyard refurbished

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