Implementation of an electrostatic discharge device


  • Food industry
  • Objective of service: Remove the electrostatic effects creating defaults des défauts when sticking plastic labels on the jam jars.

Analysis of existing installation:

Unlike paper labels, a phenomenon of static electricity appears when the label is torn from its backing. This phenomenon alters the sticking of this plastic label on the jam jar.

A device had been put in place, but did not deliver the expected result.

Physical constraint: the spacing is restricted between the moment of peeling of the label from its support and the gluing zone on the pot.

Technical advice:

Implementation of an electrostatic discharge device.

ExpRAssess participate to the first step of tests with the sticking of one plastic label per jar.

Installation of a device for the reduction of electrostatic effects

Site tests:

ExpRAssess is invited to participate to the second phase of tests for the sticking of two plastic labels (front and back) on one jar. Tests are realised at normal speed 24 000 jars peu hour.

The installed device is efficient. The sticking of labels is validated.

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