The Mission of ExpRAssess:

Because electricity is essential for the future, ExpRAssess supports you in the technical control of your networks.

ExpRAssess proposes its expertise in HV and LV electrical networks:

  • Consulting and technical support,
  • Assistance for the reliability and security of the networks,
  • Assistance for rehabilitation and compliance,
  • Diagnosis following incident,
  • Training, exam and coaching of electrician personnel.

The word of the President:

My passions: electricity and knowledge transmission.

After training as an engineer in electrical engineering and high current electronics, I developed and perfected industrial machine automation based on technology that was in its infancy at the time of programmable logic controllers.

Working with industrialists who are very demanding in terms of safety and continuity of service for 40 years, I have perfected my knowledge of standards and practices in the electrical field in the sense of high and low voltage installations, low current networks, static electricity, lightning and cathodic protection.

At the same time, running professional training courses has always given me the opportunity to share this know-how.

​At the end of this career, very rich in experience in France and abroad, I decided to create ExpRAssess.

The objective is to support Customers on technical subjects in the field of electricity, in particular on issues of reliability and securing of HV and LV networks and personal safety.

Audit & Consulting

Technical Assistance

  • Reliability and security of electrical networks
  • Technical support: studies, installation, commissioning, operation
  • Diagnosis following incident



Skill Assessment

  • For electrician and non-electrician crew
  • Staff assessment to establish an adapted training plan
  • Security of persons and installations